Non-Contentious Case

Compulsory Enforcement

As an attorney for compulsory enforcement cases, our lawyers can assist you in: 

Investigate debtor’s property and income, write a petition, site survey, measurement, seizure disclosure, legal analysis and claims

Debt Clearance

In matters related to Consumer insolvency, our lawyers can assist you in:

Legal analysis and suggestion, pre-negotiation application and present, court interrogation, creditors conference and legal claim declaration etc. 

Contract Drafting and Witness

Audition or draft for various contracts: Business, Property, Labor-management, Elder support, Adoption, Divorce, Will, Land division, Commerce,

Damage compensation, Settle dispute, Negotiation.

We will ensure that your interest is well protected while preventing any disputes that might occur.

Drafting Legal Documents


1.Ruling promissory note, Prescription, Invalidating judgment

2.Raise objections, Public summons, Application withdraw

3.Provisional remedy, Provisional injunction, Execution continuation, Execution suspension, Time-limited prosecution, Application for                         participation in distribution

4.Compulsory enforcement (perpetuation execution and final execution)

5.Civil and criminal ruling, and second ruling

6.Application or submit household registration transcript, Property transcript, corporation registration

7.Lodge book and retrieval

8.Criminal complaints (Offense of Battery, Offense against reputation, adultery, residence intrusion etc.)

9.Criminal complaints (Criminal conversion, Breach of faith, Offense of fraudulent etc.)

10.Civil complaints (Divorce, Co-owned property division, construction site dispute, traffic accidents etc.)

11.Criminal case defense replication

12.Civil, criminal and administrative petition

13.Civil, criminal and administrative ruling application, supplement application

14.Civil, criminal case retrial application

15.Extraordinary appeal application

16.Civil case supplement complaint

17.Application for mediation 

18.Appel, administrative complaint

19.Traffic accident reassessment application