Legal Compliance for Import & Export Commodities 

Customs brokers and trading firms will deal the customs declaration, clearance and commodities collection for you, but as the commodities clear the customs, it is the mandatoryaccreditation from the government you will face. Should you not familiar with the regulations, commodities might not be able to release to the market in time, or fail to pass the accreditation; our lawyers and legal specialists are experienced in assisting import and export commodities passing the accreditation. We can help you establish a regulation system corresponds to the commodity and act as your registered agent toassist inproductsinquiry, testing and certification. In trust our services, you can reduce the potential cost and risk, leave the matter to us, and your business shall not be impeded by complicated legal and administrative procedures any longer.

Our agent services are as followed. 

Establishing and update Legal Database Corresponds to Export & Import Commodities.

Export & Import Commodities Inspection

Export & Import Commodities Inquiry, Type Testing, RPC, Inspection.

Advance Ruling on Export & Import Commodity (Customs

Administration, Bureau of Foreign Trade)

Commodity Waste Declaration, Waste Liability Registration Service (Environmental Protection Administration)

Import & Export Medical Equipment License Registration (Food and Drug Administration)

Certificates Inquiry, Application, Extension and Correspondence Services